Chef Emilio’s Paella Package for Valentine’s Day – FOR LOCAL PICKUP ONLY


Makes A Perfect Valentine’s Gift

Traditional Carbon Steel Paella Pan 9.5” (24cm) – ample for 2+ people and a half bottle of red Marques de Caceres – $96 value!

Or upgrade to a full bottle of Torres Vino Sol or Torres Sangre De Torro for $10 more!

The perfect tool for traditional Spanish Paella. The carbon steel disperses the heat evenly for exemplary cooking of rice and ingredients. With a little care (rub in a bit of olive oil after each washing, then wipe dry), the pan will season just like a cast iron skillet.


  • For 1 serving or up to 2 or 3 tapa size servings
  • 500 gr Spanish Bomba Rice
  • 2 links Spanish Chorizo
  • Spanish Saffron
  • Chef Emilio’s Famous Paella Recipe

Fresh Ingredients…

You’ll still need to visit your favorite grocer to pick up:

Fresh Vegetables and Stock, and any Chicken, Shrimp, or Shellfish you may wish to add

(quantities are in the recipe).

Super Quality, Super Fun, Super Tasty. Go Ahead, Explore Your Inner Chef…

For 2+ people – 9.5” (24cm)

Choose Local Delivery at checkout to pick up your package at the restaurant. THIS ORDER DOES NOT SHIP.


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